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Second Hand Bakery Equipment

At Euromix LTD you will find an extensive range of second-hand bakery equipment, with a broad range of knowledge within the industry covering all aspects of catering equipment.

No matter what type of catering operation you have, we can guarantee that we will match each of your requirements, including making sure you get the best value for your money. We understand that buying brand new equipment is not always the best solution, this is why we supply second-hand bakery equipment for a reasonable price. Meaning, you will have all the equipment to strive without the costly prices.

We supply a wide range of equipment that will satisfy your needs, and if we do not have the equipment that you need we will be able to find you an alternative or find the piece of equipment from one of our suppliers.

We have a dedicated team that will make sure you have no problems and will be able to help you every step of the way. We are one of the UK’s leading supplies of second-hand bakery equipment, with many years of experience within the industry. We understand the challenges that are faced when fitting a commercial and industrial kitchen, as well as those on a limited budget. This is why it is crucial that you speak to one of our experts today and we will be able to assist in every way we can, to ensure the buying process runs smoothly.

Euromix LTD offers a range of second-hand bakery equipment, we supply a huge range of big brand names for an affordable price. Each product that we sell is professionally deep cleaned, tested and serviced to the highest standard by our team of professionals, meaning it will be as good as new when you purchase it. Giving you that feeling of a brand new piece of equipment, at a cost-effective price.

We are renowned within the bakery and catering industry, we provide high-quality equipment at a highly competitive price, and can supply a huge range of equipment to suit every baker and caterers needs.

We understand the feeling of knowing that you need a piece of machinery to make your business run more smoothly, which can sometimes work out as being excessively expensive, but purchasing second-hand bakery equipment can mean that having your business run smoothly and effectively, can be done at a considerably lower price.