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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017
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Bear MaxiLift

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Swing the biggest bowls around (100-200 litres) with ease. MAXILIFT fastens the bowl to its brackets using a snap lock and hold it in place while the bowl is being raised or lowered or turned or revolved depending on what is needed – and the entire process is electrically controlled. Holding the remote control, you can make MAXILIFT manoeuvre even the heaviest bowls as if they were a glass of water.

MAXILIFT can handle 100-litre bowls holding a maximum of 110 kg of ingredients. The lift handles 80 lifting cycles before the charge lamp starts shining to indicate that the batteries have to be recharged. For most situations, this is enough for a whole day’s work, and the charging is easily handled by an ordinary outlet overnight.

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